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  • Andy Stiles

Testing, Quarantine, and Trying to find a job....


This is my first EVER blog post. I have been active on social media posting #funny, family, cooking, #cocktails and.... random content for fun.

My family is currently in the whole #coronavirus lock down. We have been baking, cleaning, organizing, watching movies, playing games, trying not to kill each other, and enjoying our time together.

It's been an especially trying time, though, as I am out of the job and my chosen profession just so happens to be on a damn near apocalyptic hiring freeze.

Applied for grants, unemployment, assistance, and for pretty much any job I can find.

My wife is on disability and literally can't work so.... It's just me.

She's stir crazy about it but, it's just how it has to be right now.

Thanks for your time and I hope to continue doing this.


Andy Stiles

The Bartender Dad